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Volume 62 Call for Submissions

Volume 62 Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Politiski

Our new Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Politiski, invites you to submit your art, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for consideration for Spectrum Volume 62, which will be published in Spring 2019. Our reading period closes on December 31 and we will respond to all submissions by March 2019 (yes, we are slow, we do apologize). To find our full submission guidelines and to send us your work, visit our Submittable page.

On a recent trip I took to London, I came across a bookstore in Covent Garden. I don’t remember the name and I can’t find it online because there are about a thousand and one bookstores in central London, but that doesn’t matter.

This was the kind of bookstore that students of literature dream about. Novels, journals, magazines, notebooks, comic books, and poetry collections overflowed from wooden wall-to-wall shelves and onto tables and from the tables onto the floor. Each book was labeled with orange stickers, announcing their prices as £3, £4, or £5. I was so overwhelmed that I was nearly reduced to tears.

During this trip, I was thinking hard about how I wanted to define my new role as Spectrum’s Editor-in-Chief. I was honored to receive this responsibility, and wanted to describe the vision for the journal I already had in my head from a year of working on it as a copy editor and reader. When I stumbled into that bookstore, I found it.

Spectrum has never been an ordinary journal. We have a rich, storied history and have published everything from revered writers to fresh-faced new voices. When I entered that bookstore, I realized I wanted all the chaos, talent, uncertainty and variety I saw in Spectrum. We are not an ordinary journal, and our content should reflect that.

When I picture Spectrum these days, I imagine a room full of not just books, but art, music, cross-genre work, and literature of all mediums that challenge the norms of literary publications. I want Spectrum to shatter expectations to pieces and make a stained-glass window out of them.

This is where I encourage you to become a part of this journey. Submit to us your best work –the strange, the taboo, the pieces you fear won’t be accepted. Submit to us your shards of glass, and help us build a window.

-Michelle Politiski, Volume 62 Editor-in-Chief

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