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"The Wrecking Ground, pt. 11" by Lee Huttner

"The Wrecking Ground" is an essay told in parts by Lee Huttner. We will be publishing a new part each week on our blog. Stay tuned!


Narcissus has been lying at the bank of the pool for years now. Or has it been decades? Echo believes it likely that centuries have passed since the boy first glimpsed his own image in the water. Neither eating nor drinking, sleeping nor standing, Narcissus reclines in the mud, gazing down, reaching out every now and again with a finger to touch the pool’s surface, only to snatch it back once the image ripples, multiplies, fractures. On his left arm are two raw red scratches left by the stiff sharp reeds when he first approached the water so long ago. After all this time, they have not healed.

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