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Humans of Spectrum: Isaac Chabra

Why did you decide to participate in the production of Spectrum?

I'm invested in the artistic community on my campus, and I want to grow in my understanding of the publishing process so I can work both on the editing and publishing side, and understand what goes into my own work being published.

What do you look for in the submissions that you receive for the magazine?

I want pieces that understand and capture a piece of the human soul. Pieces should be clean and complete, but I want to publish something that reaches further, attempts to point to something essential in our nature.

What genre or form of Spectrum interests you most, and what about it speaks to you?

Fiction. I think that stories have a way of holding up a mirror, to help us see ourselves more clearly. I love a well-told tale.

Can you share a short story about your own writing?

I once tried to co-write a story with my best friend. Only once. The goal was to create a story combining a book about a WWII exile and a book about a child growing up in a rural town in the 1970's. Instead, we ended up sending our original characters running from excessively violent and crazed police mercenaries, time traveling to an exploding illegal lab, and being eaten by mechanical ducks. Only once.

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