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Humans of Spectrum: Emma Demorest

Why did you decide to participate in the production of Spectrum?

Participating in Spectrum seemed like a great way for me to learn more about the other side of the literary world I immerse myself in.

What do you look for in the submissions that you receive for the magazine?

For the most part, consistency. A lot of pieces start off strong but don’t end that way, so when I read a piece that can maintain that, it definitely peaks my interest.

What genre or form of Spectrum interests you most, and what about it speaks to you?

I’m a big fan of fiction, it’s a large part of what drew me to writing in the first place. Being able to create environments and people so different from myself helped me to understand and explore the world around me when I was growing up. Even today, writing fiction is a way for me to escape my own head for a little while.

Can you share a short story about your own writing?

To get in a writing mood I have a playlist on Spotify that I listen to. It’s exclusively songs from Disney movies, a lot of Mulan and How to Train Your Dragon tracks have fueled a lot of my best pieces of writing, if you can believe it.

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