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Fall 2018 Newsletter

Spectrum's current Editor-in-Chief Michelle Politiski invites submissions, and wishes for a happy fall season.

When UCSB started classes in September, I knew I’d be spending my whole quarter quietly putting together puzzle pieces of something incredible: the 62nd volume of Spectrum.

While we are still a few months away from reading our submissions, the editors and faculty of Spectrum are hard at work preparing for the coming issue. There are so many budgets to create, classes to take, and events to plan in anticipation of making this the best volume yet.

Those of us on the editorial staff are taking Literary Publishing, a hands-on course designed to familiarize us further with the variety of literary journals that exist already in the community, in addition to inspiring us in the ways we can continue to improve ours and make it stand out. Led by Comparative Literature graduate student and poet Margarita Delcheva, we are reading and responding critically to some of the best and most unique journals out there.

Wishing everyone a happy fall season,

Michelle Politiski

Spectrum Editor-in-Chief

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